Prayers over Plates: Week One: Germany



Join us in praying for Rachel + Johnny serving Germany
as we make Berliner Currywurst and Pommes


A bit of their story first ...

We live in Berlin, Germany, serving those who are being affected by human trafficking. Germany is one of the main locations in the world in which women are trafficked through and to. We do our work in three different areas; first through a drop-in center where the women can come in and get some rest and care, through food, drinks, clothing, counseling, and any number of services. The second way is with outreaches, on Tuesday nights going into brothels and building relationships and on Wednesday nights going out onto the streets and talking to the women there. The last way is with a safe house called Pink door. There are over 700 places where sex is bought in this city and we pray every day that one day this city is no longer defined by this.

Another big focus of our ministry is through hospitality. This city is one of the most diverse cities in the world (beat only by maybe London) and this can lead to a lot of loneliness. We open our home up to people to come and feel like they have people in this city who care and support them. This includes Christians and non-believers. It is so cool to watch these groups meet and encouraging to hear the conversations that happen.   

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      For Germany to return to its roots. It was the birthplace of the reformation and yet now its capital city is less than 2% Christian. With over 40% not believing in anything.

       That the cultural view of sex, sexuality, and femininity change. This is a culture dominated by sex, advertisements for brothels, sex shops, and massage parlors are on most corners and even taxis. Sex is such a normal thing and people are so set on the government not being a part of their relationships (understandably) that even Christians and pastors often live with their significant other before marriage.

      Germany celebrates more Christian holidays then anywhere. Pray that in the next 365 days, these holidays begin to get people asking what the purpose is of them. This of course includes Christmas and Easter, but also Ascension Day and Pentecost among others.

      Pray for the unreached people groups living in Berlin, the refugees, the Roma people, the women in prostitution in general, and many others. Of the 195 countries in the world today it is said that 192 of them are represented in Berlin. This includes people from countries closed to the Gospel. Imagine the power of reaching them in this city where it is open and free to talk about Christ.

      Because of Germany history, most German Christians find that sharing their faith is taboo. Pray that German’s, and even the expats living in this city, become bolder and more passionate in their faith. That we no longer be satisfied to just watch people pass us by knowing that most of them have never heard the Gospel. 

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