The idea for Sincerely, Kindred started during a coffee date between two friends. We are artists, and we wanted to use our gifts to make great Christian art that could encourage anyone. As the idea developed over the next two years, with over 60 contributors, and over 50 articles, a print magazine and online blog came into being.

We are creation striving to create, people striving to connect, followers of Jesus striving to bring glory to God. We seek to create a Kindred culture, one that is open and kind, like a letter from a dear friend. We love art as much as we love His truth. This is the fusion of artistry and real stories aimed to lift both the eyes and the spirit.

To all who crave beauty, who long for the deeper story, who seek community and encouragement, you are welcome here. Through art we hope to share life’s ups and downs, its victories and defeats.

This is not art for art’s sake or beauty for beauty’s sake. This is a family of friends to help you walk through this life.


You're always welcomed on our couch.



Sincerely, Kindred Editorial Staff:

Jessica LAwson - Founding Editor-in-chief
Taylor may - managing editor
kara triboUlet - CHURCH section editor
Sara kernan - CREATE section editor
Courtney Stewart - CULTURE section editor
+ Community Developer
Cameron Lawson - senior editor



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