Calling My Dad on Valentine's Day


Calling My Dad on Valentine’s Day

A Look at Our Father’s Love


My pastor shared that his son came down for breakfast and gave him a hug saying “Happy Valentine’s Day Dad,” My pastor was taken back by this impromptu sincerity from his teenager.

His son continued, “I love you. And I know I don’t say it enough, but I really love you.”

My heart swelled hearing this.

I wanted to call my dad a state away and share the sentiment.

I go a little longer and longer without calling him. A little longer and longer without seeing him. And as I keep growing up I recognize that intentionality I easily find with friends, sisters, and my mom is difficult with my dad.

Valentine’s Day is a time to pause and SHARE the importance someone has in our hearts.

And I found myself on the floor, sitting criss cross apple sauce, calling my daddy trying to tell him: “I love you. I don’t say it enough, but I love you and I’m so proud you’re my dad.”

As the phone started ringing, tears started swelling. I was eager to share. But also nervous I would burst into tears.

See my dad has always been a great boss.

Growing up he built an empire with his own two hands that he probably thought he made himself.

He was the mastermind of his field. He was the epitome of success in his town. And he built it all himself.

Then God stepped into his life and my dad surrendered his empire so he could put God first.

But my brilliant dad before God had a huge flaw. He is absent from my memories. He was only around when it was convenient and easy for him. He supported me in so many ways, except looking me in the eye and saying “he is proud of me.”

That dad wound that we all have will always be scabbed or open until we ask God to step in and HEAL us.

If today or father’s day, or an anniversary is difficult for you, please pause and pray. Please invite God into this hurt.

Extend grace to your earthly father. Lean on the abundance of your Heavenly Father.

God chooses you.

God is proud of you.

God is there for you.

I’m waiting for my dad to call me back so I can tell him I love him. I hope you find some time to tell any of your earthly, temporal, or spiritual fathers that you love them.

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