Prayers over Plates: Week Four: South Asia

prayers over plates sea image.jpg


Join us in praying for the Mays in South East Asia
as we make “Daal with Pork Curry”


A bit of the Mays’ story first ...

When my husband and I first started dating we knew that wherever we lived, we wanted it to be in a place where the name of the Son was not known. So here we are. Our main desire was just to live and work in this place, to build relationships and share and spread the light and love of God. The Father has allowed that to manifest in a couple of different ways from speaking, to helping at cafes and teaching. We are so thankful for His work here and that we get to play a part in it!

We live in SE Asia, in a place where The Church is thriving and growing despite persecution and apprehension. Our desire is to build up believers, to encourage them, mentor them and train them as we seek to love and serve the multitude in this place that don't know about the perfect love of God.



1. Pray for us that we would have constant compassion and love on everyone around us. It is easy to fear the foreign world around us, but we want to see opportunities to love and to obediently take them.

2. Taylor is pregnant! Pray for the Mays as we prepare for a new arrival and a new season of life. We are debating where to deliver and how to adjust to the new season and our work here.

3. New doors are opening and new passions are starting to stir for what it means for us to be here! We struggle with dreaming and big picture thinking, so this is good and God wants to use it! Pray with us that we would have the obedience to follow where He is leading us!   

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