Seeing Truth in Life


Seeing Truth in Life:

Behind the poems of Wendy the poet

Interview by Taylor May

“I’ve always been a closet journaler, but I never considered myself a creative person,” said Wendy Chin, author of, where she publishes poetry, stories, and beautiful photography all telling of her journey with the Lord and discovering Him in a brand new way. 

No stranger to the life of a Christian, having grown up with traveling parents, doing her own fair share of missions work, and even graduating from seminary, Wendy often wondered why she battled for so many years with depression. 

“I couldn’t see truth in life, I became disillusioned in my faith and in my heart,” she said about a particularly dark stage of her life when she was faced with the reality that, though her heart so deeply desired it, she was unable to have any more children. 

Through words, foster children and unexpected people, God pursued her and filled her in a season that was left empty and raw from depression. 

“I prayed for a mentor for six years, and this woman who I didn’t know at all started to pursue me,” Wendy shared. “She prayed for me every week, twice a week.”

She was also brave enough to try counseling again. Having taken a chance with counselors before and not having any positive results, she took another shot. This particular therapist spoke into her need, a messenger from The Lord. Every week he gave her a writing prompt and Wendy would dive into that prompt with ferocity. One such writing prompt would change her life forever: “You know God as God almighty, but you don’t know Him as a father.”

Through therapy, being prayed over, and writing Wendy began to learn that she had been walking through life as an orphan, never truly experiencing the love of God as a father. From that point, God opened up her heart to foster children. Depression threatened when a new born girl they received was removed after only one month, but God was strong. 

“God used my journey as an orphan and ushered me into caring for literal orphans,” Wendy shared.

God had showed her a new truth and a new purpose. While the days still aren’t easy, Wendy has found freedom from depression and freedom to express herself, her triumphs and defeats through stories and poetry on her website.

“Orphan Child” was written on a morning when Wendy felt depression trickling back into her body. This was God’s letter to her. 

sam zeller - orphan .jpg

“At Home” was written during a unique time when, for the first time in years, Wendy felt comfortable and free in her own skin. 

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