Dear Dismayed


Dear Dismayed,

An Advent Themed Letter for Those Who are Struggling to See the Hope of Christ

By Cameron Lawson

That’s it ... You can’t go forward, but you also can’t go back. You’ve reached the end of yourself, the end of your strength, the end of your ability to keep pushing, trying, and fighting. There is nothing left to give. How could anyone expect you to continue moving when you can’t possibly see a way that this could end well? You don’t understand how to make things better, and if you’re really honest with yourself, you believe that your situation can’t actually get better at all. All you are left with is dismay. There is this horrible sinking feeling, this awful stillness. I know that often stillness is seen as a good thing, but somehow this feels different from that kind of stillness. This stillness is a lack of drive, a lack of motivation, and a lack of hope.

You’ve ... we’ve lost our hope. Hope, that feeling that our lives could be better tomorrow than they are today. We can’t see things ever getting better because we no longer have the ability to see beyond our situation. It was stolen from us. Maybe it’s the loss of a job, a divorce, a death, something someone has done to hurt us, or maybe it was something we did to ourselves. So here we sit. We are tired of continually getting back up only to have the next thing come by and knock us down. We have decided it would be better to just stay down. After all, what’s the point right? But here’s the thing, we weren’t made to sit here in our dismay. We were made for so much more. But this thing that we were made for isn’t something that we can manufacture ourselves. The simple truth is that we aren’t enough. We are totally unable to pull ourselves up on our own. We aren’t able to give ourselves true everlasting hope.

Everyone hopes for something. Maybe your hope is to make it through the week, or to get a promotion, or to get married and have children, or to see those children be successful in life. However, hopes like these are incredibly fleeting. Eventually, the things we place our hope in will let us down and we will be greeted once again by dismay.

This is when God enters the picture.

He isn’t satisfied to leave us to our dismay, clinging desperately from one fleeting thing we hope in to another. So He steps in. Literally. He came to Earth so that we would have something eternal to hope in. This is the story of Christmas. God coming to the planet He created. To a people who have repeatedly turned their back on Him. With the purpose of giving them an eternal life-giving hope.

Dismayed, I know you feel trapped and stuck, but you don’t need to stay there. We can hope for a better tomorrow. Not because of anything we can do, but because of what God has already done.

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