A Letter From Transition


words by Nathan Boschen

Dear Transition Seeker,


I know you thought you were MEANT for that job, and you were, but only for a particular.


The position was clearly made for you. It’s what you had gotten your degree in and what you fully enjoyed spending your time doing. The job was perfect. So, why, you ask, should you leave just to transition into something else something that isn't so suitable and a lot more difficult?


Because I want you to grow.


As people who are always learning, we go through trials, we go through events, we go through relationships to equip us, to guide us and to groom us into the best we can be. 


That position was exactly what you needed at the time. And even if you haven’t  lost interest in it, it is ok to take an interest in the next step of growth. 


After several years of doing something you love, you left for something uncertain and frightening, but also for something fresh and exciting. I know there were weeks when you second guessed if it was the direction you were supposed to go. There were many sleepless nights, many phone calls, many conversations, many moments of solitude, and that’s OK. “Is this what’s next? You were truly seeking the answer; you took a leap and tried something new, but it felt familiar, too.


As your friend, I want you to know it’s OK. You aren’t letting anyone down, you didn’t fail anyone. If people around you don’t understand why you are transitioning, talk to them. Share your heart. Share how you came to this conclusion.


You don’t have to feel guilty for leaving the last job behind, nor do you have to be fearful of the unknowns that await you. But you will. And when you do feel these things, remember there is Someone who is in control and He is watching out for you. When you seek Him and cast all your anxieties on him, He’ll give you a “peace beyond understanding." (Philippians 4:7)



I know you’ve read those words and heard them countless times. And in this season of transition, they may feel truer than ever. There’s a reason people need this reminder.


It was that peace that reminded you of your childhood. When you knew that no matter what happened, you’d be taken care of. There was someone that would make sure you were OK. It was that peace when everyone in the office is panicking about a decision that had just been made and you are sitting there calm and knowing that was alright. You feel different. You respond differently.


You may feel isolated in this situation, but I promise you there are countless others who have gone and are going through this just like you. You may be asking some of the same questions they did: Will I be using what I've invested time into studying over the years? Will I continue to be able to rely on the same community? Will I be disappointing my friends, my family or my colleagues? Is this the right decision?  


You are not alone. People going through transition mull over these questions every day. And I will tell you the same thing I have told them: Take the step. Try it. You never know, this new job could be the perfect way for you to live your purpose. I can’t promise it will be smooth, but I can promise that if you have an open hand and embrace it, you will grow. 


In fact, you have already grown by making the decision; so, don’t stop now.





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