The Storm





This morning is still
The air is quiet and calm
I feel the sand between
my toes

I watch the waves break
gently on the shore
You are with me
And I am at peace

I walk along this beach
There is so much beauty
The light reflecting off
the ocean makes it sparkle

The sunlight is inviting
and it dances on my skin
I look in the distance
and I see dark and looming clouds

They are moving closer
and I am uneasy
I search for shelter,
I need to be protected

The waves start pounding
on the shore
And the wind is blowing
in every direction

This storm is raging and
I see no escape
I start to look for you,
but my vision is blurred

My strength is fading
as I try to make my way back
How will I ever find you
in this storm?

I cry out to you, “Father!”
Suddenly I feel a warm
and gentle touch on my shoulder

I look up and into the eyes of peace
In these eyes there is
protection, there is love, there is mercy.

This storm is still raging,
 but you are here with me.