We can’t sit here and not say anything. We can’t claim to be who we are, and Who we serve and be quiet. After the results of the 2016 presidential election, there are many cheers and much fear. We can’t passively stick in a comfort zone of omission. We must open our mouths and unite ourselves.


Here at Sincerely, Kindred, we want to offer an insight to those who can’t understand the shock and fear others are facing.



The morning after the election.

By Mariah Truax


The morning after the election.

Several customers approached my counter this morning in tears because of our president- elect. My coworker and I offered words of solidarity to many "We are with you."

One woman looked back at me with hope "Really?"

Yes, of course. She went on to tell us of her days as a civil rights activist and the grace she's parted with so often. Perhaps she'd spread so much grace that receiving it felt foreign.


Grace is what we're desperate for. Had she lost hope in my generation last night?

Those voters 18 to 25 overwhelmingly voted "D" in nearly every state. We recognize the polarization and extremism our "parties" spew. We begrudgingly participate in the system hoping those we choose will be the difference - makers we need. All the time forgetting we are in fact the difference - makers ourselves. For our neighbors in our cafes.

We are in this together. We will wage peace, we will prevail. We will lead with grace and will not gloat to those who are sad or shame those who brag of their "victory." We will listen, we will give grace. Again and again - grace. We will bear witness to Good and bring it about with humility. We will not speak until we can say it with love.  This is not the end, you are not alone. Do not fear! Empire built by man can fail, but the Kingdom of God is everlasting. Conquer with grace.




The truth is there are thousands of people in our country who are so captive with fear that this political decision could mean the end of their homes, normality, safety, and even lives. Fear. They are afraid.

Dear Christian, please coat yourself with truth, hope, understanding and compassion. Listen to them. Weep with them. And remember Christ is before and above it all.

Unision. May we practically encourage it through asking how to help, through listening to one’s anxiety, and through celebrating the hundreds of other victories that happen daily in America. Now is a time to come together to bring out the good in one another, not divide and provoke the evil in each other. Let us continue to pray and seek to do good. And above all let brotherly (and sisterly) love continue...




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