Dear Rejecter of Truth


You are hurting yourself more than you know. You might say, I can’t love or accept love unless I know WHO is giving it. 
But listen here, that is doing you no good.

For some time, I stayed clear of God. I rejected the notion when people told me that He loves me.
How could that be? I don’t know Him. How could I accept that? I wouldn’t let a man I have never met before propose on the first date. Why is it expected for me to do the same with this God? I lived through pain and had seen horrible things. God loves me? God loves them? God cares? I needed to see the proof.

I understand your confusion and inability to just accept the truth. I understand the thoughts and questions. But see, time can help. You might not think so considering we live in an American world of now’s and fast pace. It is hard to wait 30 minutes for pizza and if it's not fresh we go crazy.

But, we must realize that God is greater than us and He works differently than our American lifestyle. God asks for us to search for Him and wait patiently, in stillness to find Him.

You might say I want God to speak to me, I want Him to talk or communicate to me like He did in the Bible. Why doesn’t He do that with me or for me? Then He must not love me and I don’t accept Him. Stop right there.

Do we request that from a love or friend? Don’t our human relationships need time to blossom? Maybe God IS communicating with us, but we are not listening to what is said. Maybe we are rejecting truth.

It takes time to know who He is. I am not asking you to accept His love now, but know that it will take work on your side to know who He is. It is okay to be hesitant towards what people tell you about Him. It’s okay to be weary of the concept that someone that you do not know loves you. How could I love something that I do not know? Well, get to know it. Or more so, get to know Him.