Spring Break!



Our LORD created everything in this physical world in six days. Yet the creation story is quantified as seven days. But what did the Creator do on the seventh day if His work was already done?

Let's say it in unison ... HE RESTED. 

We've all experienced running on empty. Time and again we push and push and push ourselves. The importance of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual rest is so easily silenced by our responsibilities and commitments. But what happens to us when we prioritize being balanced and healthy in all four of these areas?

Here at Sincerely, Kindred we're a little tired, a smidge overwhelmed, and overall past due for some sweet selahs in life. For the next two weeks we are going on "Spring Break" (basically we won't be posting on our blog or social media during that time).

In any area of life but especially ministries it is important to be aware of when a personal burn out is beginning. There are so many warning signs for burn outs. The first external sign is how you talk about something. 

If you are a leader over people whether in a job, ministry, or group, please take note of people's beings. Facilitate rest for them. When we take care of those four areas of our selves we  produce our best work and that greatly glorifies the Creator of time, gifts, and us. 

So sweet kindreds, we hope you spend some time checking on yourself. Don't run on empty. Refuel your sleep, your health, and your time in God's Word. 

We'll see you after Spring Break! 


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