Sincerely, Kindred: Introduction


Sam and I met up at Lift Coffee Roasters on a sunny Friday morning. We had worked together for previous publications in college and being the recent graduates we are, we longed for that publication work again. We came together to come up with a project.

Luckily, that whole first meeting, birthed a blog that combined encouragement for women, excellent art and our hope for others to know Jesus more. 

Sam and I had many of the same ideas, hopes, and goals with this project. Our minds and hearts were kindred. After a productive group text asking Katey Lee to be our photo editor, somewhere along the line, we came up with Sincerely, Kindred.

Jessica Bills



Sincerely, Kindred: What was your inspiration?
Sam: We wanted our blog to feel like a letter, like a warm hug. To achieve that feel, I knew our logo needed to be soft and organic. I drew inspiration from watercolors and loose calligraphy styles when beginning research for our logo. We want to create a community in this small space and our logo is a friendly face for our thoughts. 

SK: What was your process?
S: I started by sketching out the words over and over in my sketchbook to familiarize myself within how the words fit together. 

Once I was happy with the lay out of the words, I grabbed tracing paper to stack on top of my initial drawing to begin to perfect the letterforms. This is the most tedious part of the process, but it is essential. I'm all about using the computer as a tool by which to finish art, so the most important part of the process for me was the work I did on paper. 

By the time I was ready to make our logo digital, the bulk of the work was done. The last steps were to simply vectorize the logo and add in the watercolor texture.

SK: How does this logo reflect Sincerely, Kindred?
S: As I mentioned above, we wanted our logo to be welcoming, like a hug from a friend. Our logo reflects our goal by being a welcoming and soft introduction to our blog. It was done in a script, handwriting style, to reflect our goal of feeling like a letter. And we hope that you feel like you are reading a note from a loved one when you explore our blog. 


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