Nomadic Faith


The story of Katey Lee


From the time I was about four years old until my senior year of high school, my dad was the pastor of a church. My whole family, even my aunts, uncles, and grandparents, were all involved in ministry. I grew up in and around church and was always very involved in youth group and Sunday school, serving as a volunteer for camps and as a student leader for mission trips. I have never lacked in general knowledge of and familiarity with Christianity; I even chose to attend a Christian university for my undergraduate studies. I know exactly how Christians are “supposed” to act, and for a long time I did just that; acted.

While I’ve never fully walked away from God, I have often kept Him at arm’s length, aware that my life was not what He wanted it to be, but not willing to give up the temporary comforts I had found elsewhere for the permanent peace I knew I would find if I let go and wholeheartedly followed Him.

This is my attempt to do that. I am still in the middle of this storm and I am finding that the harder I try to hold on to my crooked ways, the harder God is pulling me away from them. I don’t have it figured out by any means, but I hope that others will be able to learn with me on my journey. I want to be open and vulnerable and raw, because a wound will never heal as long as it is covered in dirt.

So here I am. I’m a native Californian, fresh college graduate, One Direction and dog enthusiast who is a little bit lost, a little bit lonely, and pretty darn optimistic, all things considered. I am deeply passionate about people, about justice, and about stories.

In my relatively short lifespan, I have been able to travel to places like Swaziland, Cambodia, and India and I have seen firsthand the plight and destitution of people across the globe. Every single person I have ever met, whether in class at school or in a Indian slum, has problems. We all suffer. Darkness does not discriminate. But you know what? Neither does the light. Hope and peace exist for any person who will claim them.

There are a lot of things about my life and the world that I do not know. But there are a few things that I do know:

I know that you and I have been created by a powerful and loving Creator.

I know that the world is a dark, confusing, chaotic place to exist.

And I know that we are not meant to fight our battles alone, nor are we meant to experience our victories in solitude.


It is my prayer that we remain steadfast both in triumph and in defeat, that we find our hope and peace in the stillness of God’s presence, and that we do all of these things as kindred spirits advocating for and edifying each other.

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