Woven wall hangings are extremely trendy right now and can add some quirky personality to your space. They are surprisingly easy and affordable to make, so before you browse on Etsy, give it a go with this simple DIY! 


1. To make the loom, start by wrapping the cotton yarn around the loom frame, making sure to tie a knot at the start and finish. This is called the warp.


  • assortment of yarn
  • cotton twine or thin yarn
  • tapestry needle
  • loom frame
  • thin wooden dowel
  • fork (optional)
  • wooden stick

2. Slide your dowel to separate the warp into a top and bottom layer. Trust me, this step is important and will literally cut your time in half. (I tried to skip this on my first try...bad, bad, bad idea.)

3. Thread your yarn under the first line of yarn on the right side, over the second line, under the third line..and continue until you get to the last line. 

Make sure that you leave about 4 inches on the end of your yarn. You are going to need the extra yarn later.


4. Now, do the same thing in the opposite direction. You should have two rows, like the photo above.

This is where your fork comes in. Use it to pull the rows of yarn down. This helps to create consistency in the tightness of the rows of yarn. 


5. Cut 5-8 pieces of yarn, double the length that you want your tassel to be. Keep in mind that the more pieces of yarn you cut, the thicker your tassel will be.

6. Slide your yarn in between two of the lines of yarn.

7. Pull the center of the yarn and slide the ends of the yarn through the top of the hole you just created.


8. Continue creating tassels until you have an entire row.


9. Now, create several rows of a different color yarn using the same weaving technique used for your first color.

10. Once you are happy with the amount of rows you have, add three tassels of the same color to the left side of your warp.


11. After the initial tassels, add two more tassels of a contrasting color.

12. Continue the simple weaving technique around the tassels. 

13. I then chose to use a chunkier yarn to add texture. I used the same technique to weave this yarn into the warp.


14. After you have several rows of your chunky yarn, add two tassels followed by another two tassels in a different color.


15. Add more rows of the simple weaving technique around that set of tassels.


16. Almost done! Add a few more rows of chunky yarn.

17. Begin cutting the warp from the loom. Make sure you cut one warp at a time and tie a knot. (I made the mistake of cutting the entire warp off at one time on my first try.What a mess!)


18. Finish by tying your creation to a wooden stick. (I found mine in my backyard!)

side note- to finish off your loose threads, just weave your loose ends into the back.

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